Amazon Suspensions have changed!

Amazon have made a major change that affects all Amazon Sellers. As many sellers know, and many have experienced, when you get suspended by Amazon you have the opportunity to appeal your Amazon suspensions. Often you need to write about one or two issues or products that caused your suspension.

It’s not uncommon for sellers to get support from one of the many appeal letter companies that have spawned over the last few years. You’d pay one of these companies and they would craft a plan of action (POA) for you to submit to Amazon and hopefully have your account reinstated.

This is changing! Amazon have stopped allowing sellers suspended for their compliance violations, such as Suspected Intellectual Property Violations, Received Intellectual property Complaints and others, to submit an appeal.

Many know how difficult and poor the appeal process has been and after many, many years it has finally changed! Instead of sending an appeal, you must resolve all of the account health violations in your account. And by resolve, that means successful appeal and have removed from your dashboard each one. That’s a tall order and a challenge for many sellers. If you are suspended, then no simple appeal letter will save you – there’s nowhere to even submit one!

Instead, it’s important that you are fighting and handling each and every violation you receive promptly and correctly, to avoid suspension in the first place and make it possible to remove them if you are suspended. It is not possible for sellers to ignore these violations any longer! Each and every reply may become part of your appeals to get your account back in the future!

The good news is that I’ve been banging on about the need for every Amazon seller to have a Compliance Officer, for the last few years. A Compliance Officer is someone experienced and dedicated to resolving these Amazon account health violations. I’ve been working with sellers internationally, operating as their Chief Compliance Officer; accessing their accounts daily and responding to thousands of these violations a month. Currently I’m CCO to 60 million dollars of turnover on Amazon.

I’m responding to these changes on Amazon today by offering a new service to assist sellers that turnover less than 1 million dollars a year. Subscribe to my Protect service and you’ll get expert compliance support on your team. The service includes a weekly review of your account to locate any new violations and then we appeal and seek to resolve them. In addition, if you are suspended, we work to resolve the violations, and have you reinstated – all included in your subscription.

There are only a limited number of spaces available for Amazon Sellers, to ensure we can provide the best possible service. I’m offering an introductory offer for November only, so sign up now to get the best possible price and protect your Amazon account.

If you have a higher turnover, then please schedule a consultation with me, so we can discuss having a Compliance Officer suited to your accounts.

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