Can I make another Amazon account after being banned?

If your Amazon seller account has been suspended or banned, consider creating a new account to continue selling on the platform. However, this approach carries significant risks and may not be the best action. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the dangers of creating a new Amazon account after suspension and suggest alternative strategies for moving forward.

Risks of Creating a New Amazon Account After Suspension:

  1. Multiple account policy violation: Amazon’s policy prohibits sellers from operating multiple accounts without obtaining prior approval from Amazon. If you create a new account after suspension without permission, you risk violating this policy, which can also result in the rest of your new account.
  2. Account linking and detection: Amazon uses sophisticated algorithms and data analysis to identify and link related accounts. If Amazon discovers that your new account is linked to a previously suspended account, they may break the new account, too.
  3. Loss of credibility and trust: Trying to circumvent Amazon’s suspension by creating a new account can damage your credibility and trust with the platform, making resolving issues or reinstating your original account more challenging.

Alternatives to Creating a New Amazon Account:

  1. Appeal the suspension: Instead of creating a new account, address the issues that led to your account suspension. Develop a comprehensive Plan of Action (POA) that outlines the root cause, corrective actions, and preventive measures, and submit your appeal to Amazon’s Seller Performance team.
  2. Improve communication and responsiveness: Engage with Amazon and respond promptly to requests for additional information or clarification. Demonstrating your commitment to resolving the issue and complying with Amazon’s policies can increase your chances of reinstatement.
  3. Diversify your sales channels: While working on your Amazon appeal, consider expanding your business to other online marketplaces or selling through your website. Diversifying your sales channels can help mitigate the impact of an Amazon suspension on your overall business.
  4. Learn from the experience: If your account is reinstated, use the experience as a learning opportunity to improve your business practices and maintain compliance with Amazon’s policies to avoid future suspensions.

 Creating a new Amazon seller account after suspension carries significant risks and may not be the best action. Instead, focus on addressing the issues that led to the rest, appealing the decision, and diversifying your sales channels. By demonstrating your commitment to resolving the issue and adhering to Amazon’s policies, you can work towards reinstating your original account and maintaining a successful and sustainable seller account on the platform.


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