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Amazon Suspension can be a challenging time for any Amazon Seller. I have eight years of experience writing Amazon Suspension Appeal Letters and reinstating sellers.

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Suspended on Amazon? Then you’re in the right place. My expert experience helps me to appeal Amazon Suspensions and get my clients to sell again.

2500+ Happy Clients

It’s been my pleasure to support over 2500 clients with their Amazon Suspensions.

8 Years Experience

As one of the first Amazon Appeal service providers, I’ve seen it all before!

US & UK Expertise

I have experience assisting Amazon Sellers from all over the world and in every Amazon Marketplace.

$500,000,000 Reinstated

I’ve reinstated some large accounts! I’ve reinstated half a billion in revenue to Amazon.

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Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Why are you suspended on Amazon?

There are many different reasons why Amazon Suspends sellers, and I can support you in appealing for nearly every reason your account gets suspended. These include:

Selling on Amazon

Amazon Account Health Rating

Does your Account Health Rating look like that? Amazon’s new metric enables sellers to see their score; if it drops too low, you may be suspended. If you have been suspended on Amazon because your Account Health Rating is low and your Amazon Seller account is ‘Unhealthy,’ then you don’t require an appeal – but we can still help!

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Choose A Price That Works For You

We don’t believe fixing a suspension should cost the earth. Expert advice and guidance, high-quality plan of action writing, and speedy service should come as standard. However, we recognize that different size sellers have different budgets, so we’ve tried our best to accommodate that.

*If you’re not reinstated within 14 days of purchase, we will issue a full refund. No win, No fee. Terms of Service Apply.

Meet Your New Amazon Expert

I’m Joshua Price

I’m an experienced consultant for Amazon Sellers. I operate as Chief Compliance Officer for sellers, identifying risk, managing compliance issues, and protecting my client’s businesses. I also reinstate Amazon accounts and listings.
I’d love to help you with your suspension on Amazon.

Joshua Price, Consultant at Seller Assurance, the Amazon Account Health & Policy Experts

Qualified Expert

ICA Specialist Certificate in Conduct Risk, Distinction
ICA Certificate in Compliance, Merit
CGI Diploma in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

International Compliance Association Member
The Corporate Governance Institute Member


I’m Compliance Officer for over $60 million in revenue on Amazon.


I’ve reinstated Amazon Accounts bringing over half a billion dollars revenue back to sellers.

2500+ Clients

Over the last 8 years I’ve provided Amazon Seller help to over 2500 third party sellers.

Appeal Today

Get your Amazon Seller Account reinstated and get back to selling on Amazon. Suspension Experts can help you appeal your suspension and get reinstated.


We write blog content to help Amazon sellers. Our latest posts include:

How to get your Amazon Account Reinstated


New Seller Suspension Help

From Suspected IP Violations to Restricted Products, we’re ready to handle and advise on all violations you might receive in your Amazon Seller Central Account to cause an Amazon Account suspension. In the past eight years and with many other seller’s accounts on the books, there’s little we have yet to see!

Here are a few examples of account suspensions I can help with:

Suspected Intellectual Property Violation

Received Intellectual Property Complaints

Product Authenticity Customer Complaints

Product Condition Customer Complaints

Product Safety Customer Complaints

Product Detail Page Listing Violation

Restricted Product Policy Violation

Customer Product Review Product Violation

Order Defect Rate Late Dispatch Rate Valid Tracking Rate

Section 3 of the Business Solutions Agreement

Generally, the only suspended account issues I cannot assist with are related accounts (multiple accounts) & verification issues. If anything else, ask if you’re not sure.

Please order one of our service packages, or get in contact if you need clarification on your suspension.

What happens if you get suspended from Amazon?


When you get selling privileges removed by Amazon, you’ll get a suspension notice that will tell you why your account is suspended. You’ll find the suspension notice in performance notifications. This will tell you why your account is suspended, such as for selling counterfeit products, customer feedback issues, buyer complaints, or legal claims about your product listings. The list is long!

Once you’ve received a suspended Amazon account, you begin the Amazon appeal process. During this time, your listings are removed from Amazon, and you won’t get paid any money in your account for 90 days after the suspension notice. Even then, Amazon may hold your funds forever. This is why you need to try for account reinstatement and get it right. Many sellers try to appeal on their own, despite the massive pressure on their accounts being reinstated. You can’t just open a new account, so you need to submit an excellent series of Amazon appeal letters to get your selling privileges restored.

How do you get your account unsuspended?


Is your Amazon Account Suspended? You may need a plan of action! No, you don’t need Amazon Sellers lawyer for most suspended accounts. The issues that cause most suspended accounts are Amazon’s rules, not the law. If you break the law, Amazon will immediately suspend your account, and it’s improbable you can sell again.

If Amazon suspends your account, the department dealing with this is Amazon Seller Performance. If they could receive a customer satisfaction score themselves, it would be very low. Since poor seller performance support means many sellers, and even us experts, can struggle to get your Amazon seller account reinstated because the appeal letter is not read correctly (that’s why we commonly use bullet points).

There are two main categories of suspension reasons: Customer Metrics and Policy Violations. Information about both is usually displayed in Seller Central seller health dashboard. If you’ve got an account suspension, you’ll also see that the account is suspended in a red banner at the top of the page.

You can also usually be given one of two ways to solve your seller account suspension and reinstate your Amazon Seller Privileges. Firstly, you may need to resolve the policy violations in your account. That may mean a plan of action or invoices must be submitted for seller performance or another team to review. These are for a specific ASIN, whereas an appeal letter or plan of action for a selling account is usually broader. Secondly, the account may be suspended for a particular violation or complaint that was serious and so needs to be addressed at an account level to get your Amazon Account back.

Writing A Plan of Action / Amazon Suspension Appeal

We’re experts at writing a plan of action to get your Amazon selling privileges reinstated, but what does that mean? Well, a plan of action is just as it sounds; it’s a list of things that you have done or are going to do to solve the problem that caused your account ban in the first place. Often when Amazon tells you that your account has been suspended, they ask for a specific set of things in the plan of action:

  1. Root Cause – this is why you have been suspended, for example, due to violating Amazon Selling Policies or not meeting performance metrics, like late shipment rate.
  2. The Steps to Resolve – these are the actions you have taken to fix this issue right now, maybe to improve the customer experience, or if you violated Amazon’s policies, how you fixed that. It may include, for some issues, giving refunds or sending buyer messages.
  3. The Steps to Prevent – these are the actions you have taken to stop the issue from occurring again, so you can avoid Amazon Account suspensions in the future. This must be detailed and convincing to persuade Seller Performance to open your account.
  4. Evidence – You need to back up what you’ve said with proof, like invoices, agreements, or photos

For some suspension types like pre-fulfillment cancellation rate or seller feedback and other basic metrics, often affecting drop shippers and other sellers using FBM, you may need to improve the metric before your appeal letter is accepted.

Your suspension notification will usually tell you in a short introductory paragraph why you were suspended and then explain what Amazon requires you to do.

If you’d like help writing a plan of action, don’t hesitate to purchase our services.

During the appeal process, the suspended seller will go back and forth until you submit a successful appeal, at which point they will get your account reinstated. If you receive negative feedback and Amazon notifies you, they need more information; you’ll need to provide more information. 

Appeal Today

Get your Amazon Seller Account reinstated and get back to selling on Amazon. Suspension Experts can help you appeal your suspension and get reinstated.

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